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Re: what happened to the dput package?

On 01-09-25 Jochen Voss wrote:
> there used to be a package called "dput",
> but now I cannot find it anymore.  For example
> visiting
>     http://packages.debian.org/dput
> shows the message "No responses to your query"
> and aptitude lists it as an obsolete package.
> What happened to this package?  Was it renamed?
> Or did a do something wrong?

No, you did absolutely nothing wrong. Due to the new dependency on GnuPG
of dput, it had to be removed from ftp.debian.org and reuploaded to
non-us.debian.org. But after uploading it to non-us.debian.org there's
still some action from the ftp masters needed to make it available
again. This hasn't happened so far. I can make a temporary second upload
of the current package version to people.debian.org.

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