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new packages: divx4linux and transcode

I am new to package maintaining (even not an official maintainer) and it's
my second try. My test was on a local-used distributed.net client.
(www.fafa37.com for those want want to take a look).

I want to pack the divx4linux codec on one hand and the transcode utilities
on the other. But I never packed libraries and docs aren't that clear with
that topic. That's why I wan't some clarifications and guidances.

first of all, is there anyone planning the same work ???

divx4linux is licensed as free for non-commercial use and contains crypto
software (stated in the license text). So I plan to have it avaible in the
non-us/non-free section. I wait for the authorisation from the developpement
team at divxnetworks to distribute the package. nevertheless I would like to
pack the thing before (as a practive execise). I use debhelper and

Since the soft is a library, I think I have to temper with ldconfig and
ld.so. But where... Is the job done inside one of the dh_* scripts or do I
need to handwrite a postinst script. Moreover the "debian packaging manual"
states that lib should appear in there original name (in this case
libdivxencore.so libdivxdecore.so) but some lines after, it speaks about
symlinks to the lib, should I copy the lib under the name
libdivx*.so.4.0.20010824 and symlink the orig name to that or should I
install these under there original names. (in the former case, do I need to
temper with postinst script manually, or is this done by dh_* ones?)

for transcode, the installation process use ./configure script. Hence
dh_make tells me that I most certainly don't have to modify it. Can I trust
it ???


Ps: as you can see I am not a wizard, but I would like to learn a little
about arcanes. Please, help me in that way.

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