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Re: Preview of new Ghostscript packages - please test

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At 21 Sep 2001 15:39:27 +0300,
Samuli Suonpaa wrote:
> Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org> wrote:
> > Please take a look at these packages and tell me about any problems
> > which are not obvious - there is a lot of stuff still lacking and I
> > only want to upload the packages to the archive when they are
> > feature complete.
> I really do not know much about gs, but it seems there's something
> wrong with fontpaths here. When trying to configure my PSC500 (using
> hpijs and DJ8xx drivers now included in GhostScript, thank you for
> that), I only get complaint: "Error: /invalid font in findfont" and
> something like that.

If you are using defoma 0.4.10, it may be a bug of defoma.
Please look into /var/lib/defoma/gs.d/dirs/fonts, where is one of the
font paths of gs and is managed by defoma.
The bug makes creating Fontmap file fail so you may find out that there're
symlinks of pfb files of gsfonts but no Fontmap file in the directory.

Please update to defoma 0.4.11 i'm just duploading and run:
defoma-app update gs



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