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Re: bind9-chroot (was: questions on ITP)

also sprach Bdale Garbee (on Sat, 22 Sep 2001 12:06:37PM -0600):
> Eeewwww.  Diversions are so, well, messy.  I think the obvious right
> way to handle this is to add debconf support to the bind9 package
> asking whether to run in a chroot or not, and if the answer is yes,
> just do it.  As has been pointed out by Marco and others, bind9 is
> substantially easier to chroot than previous versions, so this
> shouldn't be a big deal.

well, okay then. i'll paste together a script that will chroot bind
right after it was successfully installed as bind9 package, and one
which will remove the chroot again.

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