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Re: bind9-chroot (was: questions on ITP)

* Richard Atterer <deb-devel@list.atterer.net> [010922 16:26]:
> One idea: In a configuration file, the user lists those daemons he
> wants to run chrooted. init.d scripts that support it read this
> information and act on it, copying the required files to a chroot
> before starting the daemon there.
> (The config file should probably not be read directly, instead the
> init.d script should call a small query script. That way, file format
> changes are possible.)

Help, please no. More supports for chroots may be nice. But not this
way! init.d-scripts calling scripts, that parse global config files
is ugly and one of the many points to make people switch from Suse or
Redhat to debian. 
And why should there be an global config file for all daemons? Beeing
chrooted is an quite personal thing for every package. Why should
an daemon that run chroot (and there are not that many, that can
can be run there) parse a file which is of no interest for him but
for the other daemons?

  Bernhard R. Link

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