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Re: [Maxima] Future of maxima

>>>>> "Camm" == Camm Maguire <camm@enhanced.com> writes:

    Camm> Is there any interest in forming a group to continue the development
    Camm> and maintenance of maxima?  I for one would certainly be interested in

Richard Stallman has asked for volunteers for a new maintainer for gcl
and maxima.

    Camm> helping.  My qualifications are: Ph.D. in theoretical physics (and the
    Camm> skills in mathematics pertaining thereunto :-)), fluent programming in
    Camm> C, years of experience with Linux development tools, maintain Debian
    Camm> maxima package.  Unfortunately, I currently have little ability in
    Camm> Lisp, and am not very familiar with the maxima code base.

    Camm> Anyone else interested?  It would seem that Lisp programmers and
    Camm> experienced Maxima/Macsyma users would be in high demand.  If it would
    Camm> be helpful, we might even avail ourselves of sourceforge.net, and
    Camm> announce elsewhere.

I am willing to help with maxima, but don't think I can give it the
time it needs.  I'd basically keep maxima running on cmucl and/or
clisp.  Perhaps some changes to various other parts when bugs are
encountered.  Currently, I was thinking of adding some more support
for elliptic functions and integrals.

But in any case, what better way to honor his memory than to keep
maxima (and gcl) well?


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