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Re: splitting /var/lib/dpkg/status and handling desc translation (was: ddts notification)

Previously Michael Bramer wrote:
> Please can we make a brainstorming with the apt, dpkg and translator
> developer? 

As I already said, not now besides from what we've just being doing.
I have to admit that the fact that this discussion keeps repeating
itself and people don't seem to accept what we (dpkg people) tell them
makes me rapidly loose interest in continueing it.

As I also said, at this moment we simply can't implement it anyway
due to missing infrastructure. We'll get there, but it just might take
a bit longer then you would like. That's life.

> We should find a technical solution of this technical problem. Maybe
> we can trashing gettext, but we need a solution. And IMHO we don't
> need this solution in some years, we need it in some months. 

You can't get it in months for two simple reasons:
* dpkg internals aren't ready
* you can't do it during a freeze anyway

I suggest that you focus on fixing the translation infrastructure first
while us dpkg people focus on dpkg. Right now I'm still being spammed
with ddts emails which I have to procmail to /dev/null, and I also
saw that you still need to integrate two different translation systems.
Sounds like there is enough to be done.


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