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Re: Web interface for Debian Description Translation Server

A month ago Michael Bramer (grisu) announced the DDTS project to translate
packages descriptions, and asked me to make a similar announcement about the
translation that we've been doing at "La Espiral" (a group of Spanish-speaking

We've been translating descriptions into Spanish since last year, using a web
interface. We are already in a very advanced stage -- 5354 descriptions
translated by 99 translators -- to start using the new method proposed by
grisu, and he is to used to the e-mail method that he's been using for the
debconf templates.

Therefore, we agreed with grisu to keep using the two different methods for
translations into different languages, and let other translation teams decide
what they prefer. Both methods will accomplish the same: the creation of
"Packages" files where the descriptions appear translated. Some people
prefer to work using a web browser, while others would rather use a mail
composing program.

The discussion on what will be the best way to incorporate the translated
descriptions into a Debian distribution is a separate issue, and while it gets
resolved we can keep working on the translations.

Our web interface can be accessed at the URL:


Where you can find more information about it. At this moment we are
translating descriptions into Spanish and Portuguese (as spoken in Portugal).
Grisu is taking care of the translations into German, French, Italian and
Brazilian Portuguese. If any other groups want to use our web interface,
please let me know (it can be done in a couple of minutes).

We will now try to unify the two methods so that the translation into any of
these languages can be done using any of the two interfaces and ends up at the
same central point.

Jaime Villate

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