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Request for testers for new gphoto package

I have just compiled a new version of the gphoto package built from
CVS sources (and branded it gphoto-0.6). However, since this is a
developer's release I'm not confident enough to substitute the current
version of gphoto (0.4.3) in testing/unstable with this even if it
includes some new cameras, even if bug #108426 asks for it.

I would appreciate it if people (with digital cameras) tested this new
version and sent me some feedback regarding its failure/success. Please
take heed that gphoto is a popular package and Anthony asked for no major
changes in packages so I *really* want good reasons to upgrade this

The 0.6 package is currently available at 


PS: Please send copies to me and not to the list, in order to not clobber
it (I'm not subscribed so keep that in mind)

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