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Re: step by step HOWTO switch debian installation into utf-8

** On Sep 06, Radovan Garabik scribbled:
> > I noticed that it also fails to process fome TTF fonts (check out
> > http://curiosity.de/downloads/fonts/curefonts.zip - most of them get
> > ignored when generating fonts.dir)
> they are not complete - ttmkfdir generates lines only for
> encodings the font contains all the chars of (obviously, 
> very few - if any - ucs fonts pass this test)
> Use -c option with such fonts.
OK, thanks. Will use just that :)
> >  
> > > I have however other problems with ttf fonts - they are 
> > > EXTREMELY slow. When I use arialuni.ttf (25MB font with the best
> > > unicode coverage) as main font in konqueror, just drawing a page
> > > in ASCII takes 2 minutes (PIII 600 MHz). During those 2
> > Are you using the freetype backend?
> > 
> freetype backend, xfs font server and xfs-ttf font server all
> seem to take the same long time.
> I tried xtt backend but I was not succesful in setting it up.
I must say that I don't have speed/stability problems on my Sid machine with
the Bitstream Cyberbit font (http://www.ccss.de/slovo/unifonts.htm) which is
also quite large (13MB). Nevertheless, fact is that the fixed font works the
best :)). I just wish I could make GNOME display the wide fonts correctly in
the GUI elements...

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