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Re: step by step HOWTO switch debian installation into utf-8

On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 02:47:26PM +0200, Marek Habersack wrote:
> are set to the fixed-misc USC version and it seems to work fine. The only
> problem I have found is with the Unicode TTF fonts - mkttfdir doesn't
> generate correct fonts.dir file for those AFAICT - all entries have their
> charset set to ISO-8859-1 in the generated file.

use ttmkfdir instead. It still does not generate 10646 encoding in output,
but at least it will put there all the encodings that the font covers,
and you can add 10646 entry by hand.

I have however other problems with ttf fonts - they are 
EXTREMELY slow. When I use arialuni.ttf (25MB font with the best
unicode coverage) as main font in konqueror, just drawing a page
in ASCII takes 2 minutes (PIII 600 MHz). During those 2
minutes, X are unresponding, I cannot even switch to the console.
Using fontserver at least allows me to switch to the console,
and using -deferglyphs all helped a bit, but really only a bit.

Using ttf font with less characters (lucida sans unicode, 300 KB)
cuts down the time to 30 seconds - still untolerable.

and X seems to be really unstable - mean time between crashes was reduced
to 1 hour. 

So I replaced ttf fonts with bdf (unicode) fonts, speed is OK, 
but the X still keep crashing - in average once per day, but what is
worse, they now crash really hard, leaving VGA adapter in graphical 
mode and console unusable. This does not seem to happen when I limit
myself to non-UCS fonts.

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