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Re: step by step HOWTO switch debian installation into utf-8

On Wed, 05 Sep 2001, Radovan Garabik wrote:
> I have however other problems with ttf fonts - they are 
> EXTREMELY slow. When I use arialuni.ttf (25MB font with the best
> unicode coverage) as main font in konqueror, just drawing a page
> in ASCII takes 2 minutes (PIII 600 MHz). During those 2
> minutes, X are unresponding, I cannot even switch to the console.
> Using fontserver at least allows me to switch to the console,
> and using -deferglyphs all helped a bit, but really only a bit.

Use the xfs-xtt font server (which does well with really big fonts, unlike
the xfsft crap), do not allow the X server to touch such heavy fonts.  Also,
setting deferglyphs=16 in both the X server and the font server might save
you a lot of grief.

> mode and console unusable. This does not seem to happen when I limit
> myself to non-UCS fonts.

Well, the UCS codepath is not as widely used and tested as the ISO-8859
ones; and CJK fonts (as well as unicode fonts, obviously) sometimes make
very have usage of features of the ttf spec that "easy" fonts will not

I repeat: do not allow the X server to even touch ttf fonts, or you risk
crashes. Use the xfs-xtt font server instead (at least, when it crashes, it
does not bring down the entire system... and you can have it in inittab or
something like that to kick the font server back online as soon as it

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