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Re: Making better use of multiple maintainers

Le Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 12:30:12PM -0400, Joey Hess écrivait:
> I would like to see this oft-requested feature, but in the meantime
> there is nothing to prevent you as a backup maintainer from seeing every
> bug for every package you backup maintain. debian-bugs-dist + procmail.
> Trivial.

Of course, but not many people use this ... trivial but still too

Too expensive for people behind modem... of course they could subscribe via
their debian.org [1] address and use procmail on the Debian machines ... but
still it requires many efforts for a very little gain.


[1] That is only possible for actual developers and not future developer
or simply contributor ... and also not possible for the upstream author
(if he's interested in Debian).
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