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Re: Making better use of multiple maintainers

Le Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 07:55:43PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr écrivait:
> I think we should try to implement that scheme at least for packages in
> base and standard... but why not go ahead and try to do it for all
> packages?

Yes, this is a long term thing to do ... it will be quite a logical
step once we have everything, there's the support for it in katie
and dpkg (at least there'll be shortly). The only thing that is
missing and that is *required* is the integration with the BTS. 

There's several things that have to be done :
- be able to subscribe other people to a package bug list (in this case
  the people listed in the Uploaders field), there should be some
  automation here, otherwise beeing in the Uploader field won't change
  anything as the backup maintainer won't know of any bug
- when doing a "per maintainer" lookup
  (http://bugs.debian.org/hertzog@debian.org for example) the page
  should also list the bugs on package where I am an "Uploader", probably
  separated from my very own packages, or maybe just provide a BIG link
  to the page listing those ...
- the Uploader should also be listed on "per package" page ... so that
  people may know who to contact when the main maintainer
  doesn't respond
- then we need to update the <package>@packages.debian.org alias to list
  all maintainer (main and backup).
>     would get more attention and more bugs fixed.  The BTS allows more
>     than one person to get bug reports for a specific package (through an
>     overwrite file) and in the future it will be possible to subscribe to
>     individual bugs.

I'm eagerly waiting for this one ... :) as long as the subscription is not
only per bug-report but also per source-package and per binary-package.

> Debian is growing quite dramatically in size but I'd love to see more
> manpower devoted to existing packages instead of (or in addition to) new
> packages.

/me too

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