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On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Michael Meskes wrote:

> I used to tell everyone we need no fancy GUI for configuration as our
> postinst scripts take care of all that. All you need to know is
> dpkg-reconfigure if you want to change anything.
> That probably won't work with cups.
I´m really sure that debconf could be used for that purpose.  If you
look at a /etc/cups/printers.conf file you see quite simple
  Variable Value
pairs enclised in <printer name> </printer> brackets.  Really do not
see any reason why it should be impossible to use debconf to create
such a file.

By the way:  That lpadmin does not work seems to be a bug but a feature -
at least I had the same result as you. :-((
The web frontend worked for me after some fiddling around (not after
the plain install).

Moreover I´m missing some information how /etc/cups/ppds.dat is generated
and how I could add some local ppds to it.

Kind regards


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