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Re: (my) summary about translated description with dpkg (still RFC)

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 10:39:00AM +0200, Chris Halls wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 09:58:59AM +0200, Martin Quinson wrote:
> > The more controversial point of our proposal is that we where planing
> > to centralize the translation in a way that keeps the maintainer out
> > of the loop. But it's not the key point, it's an add-on which ease the
> > work of translators. Each package can still provide the translation
> > and be 'self contained'. For the MIA maintainers, or the ones not
> > willing to interfere with the translation stuff, the po file providing
> > the translation is in a translator-maintained package. There is no
> > dependency between the formal package and the translation one. The
> > second enhance the first when installed. When no translation is
> > installed, the system will be the same than it is now, and will
> > display the description in good old english.
> I've got a suggestion regarding integrating the translations into the
> packages themselves.  Instead of having package translations which the
> user has to install and are not included in the actual .deb, what about
> generating and using package translation -dev packages in the same way
> that e.g.  autotools-dev is used to automatically integrate files
> (config.guess,sub) that are maintained elsewhere into packages as they are
> built by the maintainer or buildds?

nice idea.

> At package build time, a dh_ helper script could be used to integrate the
> translations into the newly built .deb, which is uploaded to incoming as

How will the translated Description be stored in the deb Package?

> usual.  You now have translated descriptions integrated into the .debs,
> and it is possible to generate the Packages.<lang> files for use by the
> modified dpkg/dselect as was originally suggested, except that the
> translations are coming from the .debs instead of a single server.

Packages.<lang> are a hack.

What are Packages.<lang> file? Files with the English and the
translated Description? Only the translated Description? With a
Description or a Description-<lang> tag? With the other tags?

some cons:
 - apt-get don't know about the translation with this
 - if you will use some languages, you must download some Packages
   files with all the tags.
 - We have _now_ on ftp.d.o 316 Packages files with 141 MByte of size
   _without_ translation... 
 - you must patch apt in a whole
 - maybe we get outdates translations (like debconf)

> Now this doesn't solve the possible bloat issue of a package containing
> multiple languages - but that's something that needs to be solved along
> with all the other types of translations that are put into a .deb (debconf
> templates, program messages etc.).  But at least the package translation

the deb addone size it not the big problem. This is only 11-22 MBytes
(now) per languages.

> Would would need to be done to implement this?
>  - Translation server needs to generate packages with translations that
>    are put into the archives

this is not a problem.

>  - helper scripts modification to integrate translations into package
>    build process
>  - the scripts to generate Packages files from .debs need to also generate
>    Packages.<lang> files

Packages.<lang> is not a real solution...

>  - dpkg/delect patch to be applied

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