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Re: openGL problems: how is it supposed to work?

>> Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> writes:

 >   xscreensaver: openGL demo hacsk are running in software mode when run
 > by xscreensaver but run accelerated when run from xterm.

 IIRC, this is a xscreensaver FAQ (alas! I'm not sure)

 >   is libglide3 still used for implementation of openGL? when I remove
 > libglide3 the openGL stops working (in HW accelerated mode).

 libglide3 is used by the 3dfx DRI driver.
 >   ldd `which glxinfo` does not show libglide to be used but strace
 > reveals it opens it - is it based on which module is used (I guess only
 > tdfx uses glide)?

 the 3dfx driver dlopen's it itself.

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