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openGL problems: how is it supposed to work?

  I have DRI and openGL (mesa) working, but I have few strange problems.

  xscreensaver: openGL demo hacsk are running in software mode when run
by xscreensaver but run accelerated when run from xterm.

  xscreensaver openGL demo hacks run in window mode (when run from
xterm, accelerated), how do I make them fullscreen? setenv MESA_GLX_FX
fullscreen does not help...

  is libglide3 still used for implementation of openGL? when I remove
libglide3 the openGL stops working (in HW accelerated mode).

  ldd `which glxinfo` does not show libglide to be used but strace
reveals it opens it - is it based on which module is used (I guess only
tdfx uses glide)?

  my system:

  3dfx voodoo 3
  debian unstable,
  kernel 2.4.5
  ii  libglide3      2001.01.26-1.1 Graphics library for 3Dfx Voodoo
based cards
  ii  libglide3-dev  2001.01.26-1.1 development files for libglide3
  ii  xlibmesa3      4.1.0-2        XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics
  ii  xserver-common 4.1.0-2        files and utilities common to all X

  any pointers to more detialed info?



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