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Re: libgal sonames

On Sat, 2001-09-01 at 16:41, Guus Sliepen wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 01, 2001 at 03:38:27PM +0200, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> > The problem is not in gal, but in stable applications depending on it.
> > In fact, libgal is only intended to be used by gnumeric and evolution.
> > Even more, libgal is just developed for evolution, so if tomorrow
> > evolution needs a binary-incompatible change in libgal, it will be done,
> > no matter what applications would be broken because of this, so expect
> > to see this pace of major versions for a long time. As I said, libgal is
> > not a "normal" library in the sense that it's got a published API that
> > applications can rely on; it is just a shared code repository for
> > evolution and gnumeric.
> Ok you probably have a point there. Does this mean you think we should file a
> bug against all packages (except evolution and gnumeric) that use libgal?
well, I think this is a bit hard, since people are using libgal because
it's got nice stuff which is not in GTK/GLib.
personally, as a maintainer, I wouldn't use libgal for all the work/bug
reports I would need to work on if I did so, but I'm not saying that
people shouldn't use libgal. I'm only saying that you can't rely on it
as you do with other libraries (libgnome, libgtk, etc), and that the
problem is not in libgal versioning.

> Although many people are suggesting keeping multiple versions of libgal in
> Debian, I think that's not really a Good solution.
please note that I don't work on the package system at Ximian, and I'm
not an expert on making packages, so this is just my opinion, and it may
be wrong.

Well, what I'd do is to have different versions of gal, as has been
suggested. I can't see where the problem is. If you make sure that
different libgal? packages can be safely installed together (which they
should, as any other libraries), there shouldn't be any problem.

This is already done for other libraries, isn't it?

The only problem I can see is with the -dev packages, which may need
some work to allow different versions to be installed.

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