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Teapop - flexible pop3 server, see http://www.toontown.org/teapop

Update first, then questions:

1) Update.

I posted to the BTS a while ago that since Mike Markley was no longer
interested in packaging teapop, I'd do it. For those (if there are any)
who are wondering what's going on, why it's taking so long etc., the
news follows.

I got most of the packaging work sorted within a week or so of posting
that I'd do it. There were however some fairly major problems that require
sorting before a worthwhile policy-compliant package can be released
(locking, mainly).

Upshot is that I submitted patches & decided to wait for next release,
which has taken longer than expected to arrive. It should now be today
or tomorrow.

Once I get hold of that, there will be a couple of issues to resolve
(see below), then I'll make a package available for testing.

2) Questions.

First question: what's the best way to deal with the fact that teapop
(like many other things) can be run either from inetd or standalone/daemon?
I've seen several other approaches in several other packages, but I'm not
sure that I like any of them. I'd ideally like to be able to ask the
user how they want it set up initially, and then provide a simple, transparent
mechanism for them to switch (either manually or by forcing reconfiguration)
without any opportunity for confusion.

Second question: anybody out there who could help test postgresql support
(for authentication)? I don't generally use postgresql, so I'd ideally like
to have someone familiar with it test it as well...

Third question: anybody out there using kerberos (with -dev libs installed,
most likely) who'd be able to help test?
Mike previously had some problems building with kerberos libs installed, so
I'd like to see whether anyone else can reproduce this, and try to get it
fixed before release if possible.


Nick Phillips -- nwp@lemon-computing.com
Be careful!  UGLY strikes 9 out of 10!

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