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Re: wanted: maintainer for debconf slang frontend

Hi all,
	I use this frontend, but I don't like it nearly as much as the old one 
(agreed with Nick there). I also think it should be killed off quickly and 
	However, the gnome frontend is unusable for me, and I'm sure for a lot of 
others, because most of us keep the default setting of not allowing root to 
run X apps, including the gnome frontend. I, and I'm sure a lot of others, 
run apt-get/dselect from our user accounts, which are su'ed in to root, which 
makes the gnome frontend unusable. I've never actually seen the thing, even 
though it's my default for debconf. I think this is an important point to 
keep in mind about the gnome frontend.

- David Nusinow

On Friday 24 August 2001 12:24 pm, Joey Hess wrote:
> The debconf slang frontend is not a frontend I like to use anymore. I
> think it's pretty much outclassed by the text frontend and the new gnome
> frontend. It also has several big usability problems -- the inability to
> scroll extended descriptions being perhaps the worst.
> I've looked at fixing these, and concluded that doing it right would
> entail completly rewriting it to use ncurses rather than slang. Not
> trivial, and not something I want to do, but slang is just not suitable
> for the needs of this thing.
> If nobody uses this frontend, I would be happy to just remove it, but I
> have a feeling that it is used. So I would like to find a maintainer for
> this peice of debconf (and more to the point, for the libterm-stool-perl
> library). Otherwise, it is just going to continue to rot, and will
> probably be removed anyway when I get tired of seeing all the bugs about
> it. Those who are unfamiliar with terminal libraries and heavily object
> oriented perl programming need not apply.

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