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Re: Still no base tarball

Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > > > nobody has yet provided a convincing argument for putting the
> > > > tarball on the CDs.
> > > 
> > > Of the machines that I get a chance to install Debian on
> > [cut]
> > >                                  25% don't even have a CD-ROM drive. 
> > [cut]
> > > So I'd say about 30% of machines I see need the whole base install done
> > > from floppies.
> > 
> > So how does it help to have a 24MB file on the CD?
> I would think that would be obvious. It saves about 5 hours of download
> time on a 56K modem. It provides a CD archives that matches the FTP
> archives, providing least surprise to the user.

I was merely (badly) pointing out that a 24MB file is nearly
useless to plain users with no CD and only floppy access to
transfer it (unless the CD comes with a script to split it for
> Looks like a completeness argument to me...

Perhaps.  How will they get the rest of the system installed?
Can't they use the same method to fetch the base packages?
(Perhaps they can't; I don't know).

Personally, I liked having a base.tgz file I could quickly unpack
to make a chroot environment.  But I can learn to do it the new
way if I have to. 


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