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Re: Still no base tarball

> > > So how does it help to have a 24MB file on the CD?

Surely don't want to get between the lines - just my 2 cents.

I'll possibly never see these CDs as i roll my own, but mine will 
include, if not anything else, then base2_2.tgz (!)

Last time i used it was last night, to quickly setup a changeroot that 
debootstrap couldn't ('cause my binary archive was incomplete).

There have been lots of other times where base.tgz was either a last 
resort or simply a convenience saving hours of work when installing to 
a problematic m68k for instance. Unpack, get into and apt-get on or, 
and that's the main point for me, use that base system as it is, to 
diagnose, partition, whatever (problematic archs and machines, at least 
here, seldomly have anything more than 9k6 on a serial line).

IMO only a friendly Live System could be a sort of alternative. You 
don't care that being up-to-date, you want to be back in business.

I assume that the concern is to keep base.tgz uptodate - it doesn't 
have to be. Potato base + root/rescue + loadlin + DOS on a business 
card cd let me debianize every pc in a minute.

As somebody being used to debian archives and buying a CD set of xx CDs 
i'ld be surely disappointed and the CDs mostly useless if they wouldn't 
contain base.tgz.

Bootstrapping from packages, over network, ... is clean and  elegant, 
but i know it is a little too early to assume availability everywhere.
My point of view as soon as i'm off my network, debian archive and 
internet, anywhere on this small planet (where the cables are always 
too short :). Greetings, martin

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