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Re: Problem with translated Packages files...

Em Wed, 22 Aug 2001 13:01:08 +0200
Richard Atterer <deb-devel@list.atterer.net> escreveu:

>   (BTW: Surely the "Description-de" can be put in debian/control?)
will 20+ languages fit well on all the packages' control files?

> - By placing the translated packages on your homepage, you put them
>   outside the official Debian mirror network, and also outside of what
>   most regular Debian users are aware of. For the translations to be
>   truly useful (and available to *all* the people who need them), they
>   need to be *fully* integrated, contained on Debian CDs etc.
that's our main goal... we want it to be fully integrated and officialy
supported in Debian but we need to solve some problems and convince
people that we should do that ;)

> - If you continue providing the translations this way, your dpkg
>   modifications will never go into the mainstream dpkg.
you're wrong here... the modifications need to come first... and I
don't really think that's an option for now...

I think it is quite better to have APT modified to get language-specific
Packages.gz from the server... how? By looking for LC_ALL, probably and
then trying to get Packages.$LC_ALL.gz and failing back to Packages.gz
in case it was not found... or maybe a configuration would be done in
/etc/apt/apt.conf ... APT/dselect/gnome-apt/etc are the way to go...
not dpkg, IMHO

> - Imagine you become less interested in this at one point - the
>   translation project will just "fall asleep", become out-of-date and
>   unusable, and all the translation work will have been in vain! IOW,
>   you are a kind of "single point of failure" here! ;-)
well, maybe someone would get the stuff from gluck.d.o and continue
his work =)

> WRT to the Packages files getting too big, this should be addressed by
> putting per-language Packages files onto the FTP server - e.g. the
> Packages-de.gz file would contain German descriptions where available,
> and English ones for the other packages.
right =)

> - set up an "overrides"-like mechanism for "Description", too. The
>   usual overrides file already works on other parts of the control
>   info; this may not be a lot of work.
that's another solution that was proposed by Michael, that would
be better IMO as we could maintain the data-base email system and
have it to generate the overrides and that would not bother maintainers...


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