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Re: Fonts working "out of the box"

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, David Starner wrote:

> How the heck would you set it up, anyway? Dump a list of fonts on the
> system, and ask them to pick one?

"Please use deb-x-font-config to choose a default font that fits your

There are many GUI font choosers - scroll through the list and pick
the one that pleases your eyes - it's as easy as that. If the GUI's clever
it will even consider your locales' settings, allow you to add additional
ones etc.

> Considering that people of different locales often share a system,
> having debconf do this seems doubly a bad idea - don't use debconf to
> set up user options (Debian is a multi-user OS), use debconf to set up
> system options.

Erm yes. Of course each and every user is free to override the setting.
But *today* allready the sysadmin makes *many* choices for the user. Such

* which locales are installed
* what the default resolution of X is
* what modules for X are loaded
* what devices are supported by linux
* iptables/firewall config
* which devices the user is allowed to use
* timezone
* keyboard layout
* ...

I think that's good. I, as I user in the first place want to *use* the
system to do some work and am happy if there's some reasonable default

And as you know there are other OSes that *do* predefine a set of fonts
and IMHO do it fairly well. And I think those defaults fit quite a few
users. The other ones are still free (as far as those "other" OSes permit)
to reconfigure their system.


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