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Re: mmx related packages

Chanop Silpa-Anan wrote:
>  Hi,
>  After trying to get some dv software running, I have noticed that a few
>  packages have mmx code in it, e.g. quicktime4linux, libdv, libjpeg-mmx.
>  I wonder if there is any policy/guide line for this? if I would like to
>  package mmx optimized binary.
>  i386/i486 wouldn't run these codes unless people install mmx emulation.

I don't think this is a real problem.  Usually those applications which
use mmx need plenty of CPU power to get stuff done in real time (video
encoding / playback, ...).  People don't use old, non-mmx machines for
those applications simply because they are way too slow.

>  I suppose multi-binaries is the only right way to go.

I'd ignore the issue.


Gerd Knorr <kraxel@debian.org>

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