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Re: libdb.so.3 woody upgrade failure-bug; & apt/preferences favoring testing

Thanks Anthony for your prompt & informative reply!

--- Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
> > 1. Would someone please provide a reply email with a workaround for this bug?
> There are two db2 problems:

> one is an upgrade ordering problem,
> which is fixed by apt-get install'ing libc6 and db2 before anything
> else (especially perl).  

> The other is a compatibility problem with
> libdb.so.3 which is (was) a symlink to libdb2.so.something, and evidently
> shouldn't've been. 

> Both these have been fixed recently, and are currently
> being built for all arches.

So, whwn can a person, wanting to, do a clean upgrade to Woody/testing?

It sound like you are saying the upgrade ordering problem has a work
around that can be applied now.  I.e.:

1. Install base Potato.
2. Update /etc/sources.list: stable -> testing.
3. apt-get update
4. apt-get install libc6
5. apt-get install libdb2

before taking any other upgrade actions.
Is that correct?

But, how about the compatibility problem?
Is it OK to today complete the upgrade by doing:
6. apt-get dist-upgrade


Or, is it necessary to wait until the packages being built become available?
If the latter, specifically:

1. When do you estimate these packages will become available?

2. If these packages are going to first appear in Unstable,
and not migrate to testing for (as I understand it) at least 2 weeks of
not having had any changes, then what, specifically, would be the procedure 
to accomplish this upgrade (without upgrading entirely to Unstable) once the
packages become available in Unstable?
(I.e., what is a complete, specific,  procedure for getting the necessary packages

(Would it involve something similar to the procedure in:
quoted here (Of course, in the case of our task here, we would
be using the packages relevent to this problem, not "kde", as in this
following examle) ):
You'll have to install it from "unstable".  A brief howto:

  + Add "unstable" lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list

  + Create a /etc/apt/preferences file that favours "testing", e.g.

      Package: *
      Pin: release a=testing
      Pin-Priority: 777
      Package: *
      Pin: release a=unstable
      Pin-Priority: 333

  + "apt-get -t unstable install kde"

Note that the resulting system would be considered, er, unstable.

Also, what specific package(s) are we waiting for that we will need 
to install from unstable?

Thanks!  :)

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