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Cheap Dual Boot laptops

This is a message that is not in the "Do it yourself" spirit of the Linux
community but may have value.

Last January, I wanted a dual boot laptop Linux/Nt and did not like what I
saw on the web.  
The machinies were expensive and had troubles with the modems.  

I talked to the folks at Second Source Computers ( Wilmington DE
302-475-7018 - Marsh Rd exit off 95).  They built one and got the modem to
talk to Linux (something Tux was not going to do) for lots less than my
best web price.  

It is nice to buy a machine and be able to take it back to the shop if you
have a question (I have had a question, but no problems).  I've been vey
happy with what they did and would suggest checking them out if you want a
dual boot machine.

Ed is the tech I talked to and he's a great guy to work with.

Russ Lavery

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