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[Licensing] Japanese Developer's help needed

Developers && Friends,

I sent an ITP(#106140) some time ago, but the licensing needed some

I got in touch with upstream and have been discussing licensing with him, but
as he is not fluent enough in English, he doesn't seem to be able to make up
his mind on wich kind of license he needs. I don't seem to be of any help
either. He's very friendly, but I think we are just plainly not being able to
communicate. Licensing issues are quite important, IMHO, and there's no place
for missunderstandings. 

So, if any Japanese Developer could get in touch with me and offer to help him
in his native tongue, we (both upstream and me) would be more than happy. 

It may take a little more than speaking his tongue, it may take understanding
how he wants his software to be distributed and modified, so it may take a
little understanding on these issues too. I tried not to influence him much,
but could not get to accurately understand his needs. I think he wants GPL, but
there are issues about charging for his software (or its distribution), and
similar things, so I am not sure.

I know he wants his software to be free in the terms stated at the DFSG, and I
do not want the package in non-free }:-)


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