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Problems with g++ 3/libstdc++ 3 on HPPA


  I'm trying get icewm built on HPPA (see #108275) but i'm encountering
  a problem with gcc.

  1) I backported the upstream gcc 3 fixes which are mostly
     replacements of #include <cstring> with #include <string.h>

     BTW, I don't know if this can considered as the Right Thing
     or if it is an ugly hack that could be resolved a more elegant

  2) Then, it compiled fine but the linking failed like this:
     wmstatus.o: In function
     undefined reference to '__cxa_pure_virtual'

     I've never got this kind of error before and I fear about a
     g++ bug but this is only an assumption.

  Any idea?

  Thanks in advance.

Jérôme Marant <jerome.marant@free.fr>

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