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Packaging a header library

I'm planning to package the Spirit C++ parser framework for
Debian (still need to enter NMQ, etc.) but I want to clear
something up before I proceed.

Spirit, like a lot of C++ libraries, is implemented entirely
within header files.  What's the right way to package this
for Debian?  It's not a "library" package in the sense that
there aren't separate binary library archives and header
files.  However, in the future this may be the case.
Should I just package it as a "normal" package and just
deal with binary libraries if they appear later (i.e.
convert it to a library .deb)?

Spirit requires redistribution of modifications under a
different name (maybe we have to call it spirit_debian
or something since control files will be added?) and the
license information may not be removed from the source
code (there is no separate LICENSE file).  AFAIK this is



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