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Re: generating locales

>>>>> "ace22b" == ace22b  <ace22b@yahoo.com> writes:

    >> 3. somehow get gdm to set LANG to en_AU or en_GB (instead of C)
    >> on login. How do I do this?

    ace22b> Sorry... Don't have gdm installed, nor did I reallu use
    ace22b> it.

    ace22b> U mean for your session?  Or for gdm itself?

For the gdm session.

    ace22b> AFAIK, GDM has a "language" menu, where u can select
    ace22b> locale.  Maybe you have to enable it in config files.

Yes. However, only different languages appear, not different

I can't find anything that would correspond to either en_AU or en_GB
for instance.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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