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Re: RedHat Compatibility

Ben Collins writes:
 > The fact is, we cannot run C++ applications compiled on RedHat 7.1. It
 > is not a compatibility issue, it is an ABI issue with gcc-2.96. Unless
 > someone wants to implement a complete RedHat environment, and use
 > wrappers to execute the programs, it wont get done. That given, you are
 > better off creating a chroot with rpm's unpacked into it, and using that
 > to execute the programs, or just create the wrappers yourself if you
 > don't want a chroot. Much easier than trying to maintain your own
 > gcc-2.96 under Debian, along with a seperate glibc compiled with it.

As Branden pointed out (glibc), Debian's policy currently forbids to
include packages, which aren't released. 2.96 was never released, see


There may be exceptions (like gcc-2.96 for ia64) and I think the
gcc-2.96 snapshot helped to improve the quality of gcc-3.0.

If someone wants provide _runtime_ compatible versions of the library,
please step forward, but be sure to make packages compatible with the
specific combination of the libstdc++ _and_ glibc libraries. IMO
Debian should not ship with compatible development packages.

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