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Re: Some icons are too big (Re: "Section" in *.doc-base file.)

Eray Ozkural wrote:

> On Tuesday 14 August 2001 07:54 pm, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> >
> > /usr/share/doc/menu/menu.txt.gz says the icons should not be
> > bigger than 32x32.  I wrote a quick perl script to find icons
> > bigger than that on my system and came up with this list:
> Why that limitation? 

For systems not using true-color?

>                      Modern systems use truecolor icons with 48x48 and bigger
> sizes. I think the better approach would be to automatically convert bigger 
> and more colorful icons to 32x32 and 256 colors (which 256 colors that would 
> be I don't know) for those old systems. 

So which are you advocating?  truecolor or not?  Two directory trees?

256 colors?  What good is it for 8-bit system if icons use up the
entire color space?  What's why Debian icons are limiting to a
known set of 24 colors.

>                                         There are a lot of image processing 
> tools in debian.

Sure.  A standard method is even recommended in
/usr/share/doc/menu/menu.txt.gz, a text that I referred to in the
first place.

$ mogrify -format xpm -geometry 32x32 -map cmap.xpm <filenames>

I fail to see the point of your post.  Sorry.


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