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Re: Debbugs: The Next Generation

Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org> writes:

> If it goes that way, may I suggest using CORBA?  

Amen!  No one seems to ever consider using CORBA, but IMO it's a
really nice way to deal with the fact that we have so many different
programming languages that people want to use.

> I've been coding in ORBit-Python for over a year for a server
> sitting above a PostgreSQL database, and I must say I'm pretty
> satisfied with it.  Clients in Perl, Python, whatever, it works and
> it works well.  And contrary to popular belief (at least among a
> reasonable proportion of my coworkers), it's very easy in
> Perl/Python.  Haven't tried any other language though.

I once wrote a little CORBA client and server that talked to
PostgreSQL in C, and it went pretty smoothly.  The fact that ORBit
groks so many languages itself is nice.

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