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Re: don't know what to do with a bug

* Michael Meskes 

| I have an open bug reported against quota (104737) I do not know what to do
| with. I talked to the upstream and he told me that the bug actually is a
| missing definition in the kernel source. So I reassigned the bug to the 
| kernel-image package. Now I got it back reassigned to quota with the
| comment: User space programs must not use kernel headers. But the program
| does not include the kernel header file. It includes sys/ioctl.h which then
| includes /bits/ioctls.h which includes asm/ioctls.h. This file lacks a
| definition for hppa.

I would have filed a bug against libc6-dev, since that is the package
which includes ioctls.h.


Tollef Fog Heen
You Can't Win

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