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Re: [Debian account] I request your attention

Am  2.08.01 um 10:15:38 schrieb Christian Kurz:
>                               Eray didn't mention the NM frontdesk
> anywhere and you are also quietly ignoring this. If your or any other AM
> is not responding to your mails and you're still a NM, then you should
> contact first the Frontdesk, because they maybe have more information
> what happened to the AM or maybe able to help out.

Did you really bother to read Eray's complaint? Did you bother to check
on nm.debian.org? If you had, you'd have discovered that dis AM is not
MIA. His AM is out of the process, he finished what he had to do - he
already recommended the applicant. What is the NM frontdesk supposed to
know or do now? Eray is, for reasons beyond my precise knowledge,
waiting at the "Awainting DAM Approval" stage. It's all up to James now.

I do not like the tone Eray's mail was written in, I do not like the
accusations I find in it. But do you really think he's so unreasonable
when he gets impatient? Nobody wants to wait for no apparent reason. He
did not demand immediate maintainership, he just wanted an explanation.


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