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Re: support for multilingual Packages files?

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 08:04:09AM +0900, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:

> You are right. s/european/west european/ .  ISO-8859-1 is a common
> encoding for west europeans, ISO-8859-2 for ....
> However, at least GL (ASCII) part is common when we use one of ISO-8859-*.
> Question:  how are the ISO-646 variants popular in European and other
> world?

I do not know about western europe... but here, before PC boom,
we had our own set of KOI encodings. Of course, computers were not
that much widespread, so these encodings are already almost dead
(with the exception of Russian KOI8-R, which is de-facto a standard
for Russian linux - not commercially sold unices, they use ISO-8859-5)

> MS does some funny thing.  They maps 0x5c in Shift_JIS into U+005c.

indeed. When preparing windows for eastern europe (as they call
central europe), they took ISO-8859-2 encoding and swapped positions
of 16 characters, thus creating an incompatible encoding for no
good reason (other than market dominance)

> > Not speaking about (rather successful) Microsoft's effort to push 
> > its own incompatible encodings into the market.
> I don't know how popular such encodings are in Debian or Linux or
> UNIX.  Is that important in our discussion?  (I.e., Debian supporting
> LANG=**_**.CP*** is important?)

AFAIG bulgarian uses CP1251 for its linux locale

Well, if unix (not just linux, not just debian) supported LANG=**_**.UTF-8
properly, we would not need to care even about ISO-8859 locales <sigh>

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