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Re: nogroup or nobody ?

On Thu, Jul 19, 2001 at 06:43:15AM +0200, Christian Kurz wrote:
> But we could inform the admin about this change, give them some time to
> change all local configurations which involve a group nogroup instead of
> nobody and then remove this group. I'm not very happy about the OpenBSD
> approach of having two group names for the same purpose. Reducing it to
> one, would in my opinion be better, but I will need to think more about
> a sane transition plan first.

On OpenBSD, do they have the same group ID or are they different? If they're
the same, who cares? It's just a name.

Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@svana.org>
> It would be nice if someone came up with a certification system that
> actually separated those who can barely regurgitate what they crammed over
> the last few weeks from those who command secret ninja networking powers.

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