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Re: Another changelog rant

zhaoway (2001-07-18 14:43:19 +0800) :

> Some packages ship changelogs with broken Emacs Local Variables at the
> bottom. Ie
> Local variables:
> mode: debian-changelog
> add-log-mailing-address "xxx@xxx.xxx"
> End:
> It's nice for us to fix it. To delete that block totally is also OK
> since nobody seems to really need it. (Even Emacs itself has better
> work around.)

Recent debian-changelog-mode.el's have code to remove this block.  In
case you wonder where this file is now that it's no longer in
dpkg-dev, apt-get install dpkg-dev-el.

Roland Mas

Au royaume des aveugles, les borgnes sont mal vus.

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