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Re: login program

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 02:08:00AM -0300, Pablo Lorenzzoni wrote:
> Hello!
> 	I am thinking about compiling and packaging a diversion of the login 
> program with support for the "otpw" One Time Password approach [1]. 
> My primary intent is to compile a login program that authenticate 
> *only* OTPs. This is to be used, mainly, with mgetty, but also to be 
> used in place of the regular login program if only OTPs are required. 
> Since otpw doesn't use PAM, or shadow passwords (it uses a dotfile 
> under user's home directory), their support won't be needed.
> 	My question is: will this cause any trouble? Of course it will not 
> be the default diversion!!! That is fullfiled by login package 
> already. My intent is to create an alternative which I believe to be 
> useful for that ones who need just OTPs as well as for that ones who 
> want to use OTPs for something particular and the regular login for 
> everything else (e.g mgetty).

One suggestion, why not install a /bin/login-otpw, and have people
modify /etc/inittab to use it, instead of using a diversion?


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