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ITP: bonobo-conf -- The Bonobo Configuration System

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

License: GPL2

The Bonobo Configuration System (BCS) consists of several parts. An
API to access configuration data, a database to store configuration
values in XML format and a system to visualise and edit configuration
data. The whole system is built on top of bonobo and ORBit

 There are several APIs to access the configuration data, and
the API can be chosen through the bonobo moniker system. It is up to
the programmer to decide which interface is best for a given

 The configuration system allows you to store the data
with various backends. Although BCS is shipped with it s own XML based
backend, it is also possible to use GConf, or LDAP as backend.

 Some configuration systems only permit you to store a limited set of
types. We have removed that limitation so that we can now store
CORBA:any which is very convenient in some situations.

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