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Re: RFC: Removing old ncurses versions

On Tuesday 03 July 2001 9:55 pm, Martin Michlmayr wrote:

>* Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org> [20010413 22:20]:
> > I'd actually LIKE to pull libncurses4 also.  Some things still use
> > it, but rebuilding them should be painless.  So again, does anyone
> > have closed-source applications which require either?
> 6 packages still depend on it.  Any volunteers?

I make it a few more than 6

stephen:~$ grep-available ncurses4 | grep ^Package
Package: jmon
Package: liveice
Package: netris
Package: strn
Package: libncurses4-dev
Package: ngs-js
Package: libjs0
Package: wxd
Package: moria
Package: ucblogo
Package: mp3blaster
Package: libncurses4
Package: infocom
Package: hdlant

Ignoring libncurses4 and libncurses4-dev I make that 12 (of which strn, 
moria, infocom and hdlant are in non-free/*)...of those at least ngs-js 
and libjs0 are from the same source package.

I have done test-builds for jmon, liveice, netris, ngs-js, and libjs0.  
Those packages at least have the dependency changed to libncurses5 with 
just a rebuild, I have no reason to think the rest will be any 

It should not be a huge amount of work to rebuild these few packages 
and upload them.  What would be the procedure to get them rebuilt?  
file bugs against the packages?

Stephen Stafford
GPG public key on request

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