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Re: /var/samba -> /var/state/samba script

alexander.skwar@delphiauto.com wrote:
> On 30.06.2001 14:08:43 Edward Betts wrote:
> > Depends, what are you sharing? Look at how ftp does it /home/ftp, I would
> > recommend something similar.
> Hmm, wouldn't /var/ftp be a better location for ~ftp?

Who do you recommend own the files that you are serving by anon ftp or samba?
If you look at www the files are owned by the www-data user, so the most
sensible thing to do is to create a user and have them own the files, once you
have created a user, they need a home directory, so you might as well store
the files in /home.

I suppose one question is what you do with files that you want to share with
different methods, if you want files to be accessible from http, ftp, samba
and nfs what ownership do you use, and where do you put them?

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