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Re: Where can I find dpkg-dev >= 1.9.15?

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously James Troup wrote:
> > Mea culpa.  See, I made the mistake of assuming that the dpkg
> > maintainers, having introduced such a bug, would actually bother to
> > make an upload to fix it reasonably quickly.  Obviously, I was
> > dreaming.
> Unfortunately I got an email IDG who were somewhat annoyed I still
> had not submitted sheets for a tutorial a LinuxWorld and demanded
> I submit them today. So I spent the entire day offline working on
> that :(
> I do have the fixed in CVS now, but I want to run a series of tests
> to be sure they are correct now before I upload them. That should be
> done before dinstall time today though.

I have some automated scripts for this, completely with fetchign the package,
then extracting it, and marking it good or bad.  I suggest a fast(or even
local) mirror, to facilitate it.

When I was working on this last weekend, I was running against all source
packages in sid, and uploading more often than I should have been.

As far as for me uploading a dpkg-dev which increased the source format
version, this is unstable, and people should learn to deal with unstable

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