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Re: I386 buildd doesn't do non-us

Samuel Tardieu <sam@debian.org> writes:

> James> No, it doesn't and won't[1].
> [1] == ? :)

nothing; should have been removed.
> James> The i386 auto-builder does almost nothing in main; never mind
> James> non-US.  I, for one, certainly can not be bothered to spend the
> James> time needed to setup a non-US based i386 auto-builder.
> Isn't there one? 

Okay, let's try again:

 o There is an i386 buildd.
 o It runs on gluck, a machine based in the US.
 o It does not and will not in the foreseeable future build non-US packages.
 o I do not personally intend to do anything about this; anyone else
   is welcome to[1].
 o It _does_ however build main and contrib for both stable and
   unstable.  [but see below]

> However, my latest uploads, libgtkada and gvd don't seem to have
> been caught up with the i386 autobuilder.

The i386 buildd gets stuck every day or so due to ssh sucking and lack
of time on my part to set things up to auto-unstuck itself and other
minor details like that.  It will build your packages, just perhaps
not as fast as one would like (i.e. days, rather than the same day).


[1] But then, who am I kidding?  This is Debian, where talk is all and
    actually doing things is a mortal sin. *sigh*

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