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one of my packages, nbd, is in the archive now as version "nbd_14-1". This
version is derived from the filename of the upstream tarball, which is
"nbd.14.tar.gz", as downloaded from his personal page at a university.

However, upstream has changed to using sourceforge now, and in the process
changed his versioning system. Right now, the upstream version is
"1.2". Which, of course, will not reach the archive -- or even if it
_would_ reach the archive, I doubt dpkg will accept it as "newer".

What should I do to handle this "the right way"?

wouter dot verhelst at advalvas in belgium

Try does not exist. Believe that you will do it, else you will fail.

       -- Luke Skywalker,
       in the trilogy "The Jedi Academy", Kevin J. Anderson

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