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Re: RFC: (m)syslog default config


Christian Kurz schrieb:
> On 01-06-11 Arthur Korn wrote:
> > syslog-common for that package. read-syslog works for msyslog
> > and sysklogd today, unfortunately it's verry hard to get replies
> > from the sysklogd maintainer.
> Hm, what about syslog-ng? YOu don't mention it here and why do you
> mention sysklogd twice?

The interface of read-syslog should allow for a compatible
implementation for syslog-ng, though I don't know syslog-ng well
and it's config files are fundamentally different from what both
msyslog and sysklogd use. My implementation of read-syslog works
with msyslog and sysklogd since they are so similar.

A year ago I wanted to work out a way for syslogs to be
exchangeable in debian, and reduce the amount of unclean cruft
that came with sysklogd being the only syslog in debian for a
very long time. Much didn't move since then, but sysklogd made
some important improvements in it's ability to be removed.

ciao, 2ri
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