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Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 debs Available!

>>>>> In article <[🔎] 874rtod6rs.wl@valkyrie.northeye.org.northeye.org>,
>>>>> "TK" == kitame@northeye.org (Takuo KITAME)  wrote...
TK>     Why not in Incoming?
TK>     I'll do NMU mozilla-0.9.1(non-US) and nspr-4.1.1(main) today.
TK>     And also Upload mozilla-cvs

    Myth has uploaded official package of mozilla-0.9.1 into non-US.
    I've just removed my packages from Incoming.

    I'll continue maintain mozilla-cvs and upload into non-US/main
    It's *not* conflicts with released(0.9.1 or so) mozilla package completely
    and Priority is extra.

Takuo Kitame.

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