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Re: Mozilla 0.9.1 debs Available!

Once upon a time, I heard Robert McQueen say

> Myth has just completed a full set of Mozilla 0.9.1 debs, which are
> available here:
>  deb http://pandora.debian.org/~robot101/mozilla /
>  deb-src http://pandora.debian.org/~robot101/mozilla /

I've tried it but these packages are pretty odd on my box. First I cannot
type in the site name in the address bar directly :( I have to use the menu
open page, and the short cut ALT-L which is now ALT-SHIFT-L does not work.
More over, it breaks netscape 4.77 with blackdown java1.3 plugin as follow.

Netscape: Ignoring unsupported format code in mailcap file: %{
INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: Could not load /usr/lib/j2re1.3/lib/i386/libjavaplugin_oji.so: linking error=/usr/lib/j2re1.3/lib/i386/libjavaplugin_oji.so: undefined symbol: PR_GetCurrentThread

Installing only the libnspr4 is fine but since I install mozilla-browser,
my netscape is dying :(.

I did not have the mentioned problems with kitame's mozilla 0.9 package.

Oh this is on a recent sid box, BTW.

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